Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising is one of the most effective advertising tools available for small business today. With 700 million active users, we can target your market and put your message to the exact person you are trying to reach. Marketing Aftermath can help you grasp the power of Facebook marketing to grow your company. With the ability to target your target marketing by geographic location, Interests, Age and many other demographics you can easily reach new prospects.

You will also want a custom Facebook Business Page to capture their attention and get them to "Like" your Facebook Business Page. Then you can in capture new leads, run promotions and marketing to your Facebook Fans.

Is Facebook Advertising Effective?

Facebook has more than 700 million active users and half of them log in on a daily basis. Through Facebook advertising, you can be sure to reach any particular segment. Conventional advertising models are expensive and difficult to reach a narrow target. Facebook advertising is one option that can get you results and target specific user groups. You may be the local beauty parlor, restaurant or a Fortune 500 organization, but Marketing Aftermath will show how to build your brand equity through Facebook advertising.

Consider these ideal scenarios:

1.You own a restaurant and wish to target those who are recently engaged to be married for their catering business. All you need to do is to find the women with the relationship status of “engaged” on Facebook and you have your desired segment with Facebook Ads.
2. You are a personal trainer and you want to target athletes who play football and are currently attending high school or college. You could advertise to just 16-22 year old males, in 50 miles of your training facilities who play football.
3.There is a birthday special that your restaurant is offering and the Facebook Ads would be displayed only to those whose birthdays are in the offing.

Facebook Advertising is currently much more cost efficient than Google Pay Per Click (Adwords).

“According to the 2010 Social Media Report from Foresee, 69% of online shoppers regularly use social media sites."

Facebook Advertising Examples



Facebook Advertising Pricing

$100.00 Setup Fee and you pay for the advertising on your credit card. 
You can set your budget as low as $1 a day.