Monthly Marketing Plans

Marketing Aftermath’s Monthly Marketing Plans are the most popular option for small businesses who want to maximum marketing capabilities for a low cost. The best part is… set the budget.

How Monthly Marketing Plans Work

First, we develop a marketing roadmap for you, with your marketing goals in mind to help your grow your business and increase sales. Based on your marketing needs and goals, we present you a marketing plan that incorporates Social Media, SEO, website Optimization, lead generation, content creation, link building, website maintenance and updates. With our marketing plans you have full access to our complete arsenal of marketing services.

Capped Budget - Never Ask "How Much?"

Our Monthly Marketing Plans are billed using a capped retainer agreement. With agreements as small as $290 per month you have access to the complete arsenal of marketing services and you never have to ask "How much?" because you will not be billed above your monthly outsourced marketing budget.

Compare Outsourced Marketing to In-House Employee

The benefits of an outsourced marketing department include:
• You have a trained professional executing your marketing
• You have a complete range of marketing skills at your fingertips
• No employment taxes, benefits, and other staff overhead
• No additional office space needed
• No computers, software, or equipment to purchase and replace
• Enjoy an outside-looking-in perspective.